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The Cable Comb ™ (U.S. Patent 6,976,512 B2) substantially cuts labor time in any application where a multitude of single cables must be bundled neatly for a professional appearing installation. This innovative two piece tool enables cable technicians to quickly and efficiently straighten, organize, and lash single cables into multiple cable bundles with ease.

How to Use

Cable Comb Specifications

The Cable Comb hub has been designed with 15 cable slots. Each slot will accommodate various types and quantities of category cable including most CAT 5, CAT 5E and CAT 6 cables. The Cable Comb can also be used to straighten, organize, bundle, and lash other types of cables such as plenum, co-axial, and control cable in sizes ¼" or smaller. The cable slots are chamfered to help prevent snagging of looser fitting cable jackets.

With the convenient built in concave finger pull the Cable Comb can be installed in any position allowing for smooth and comfortable pulling without worrying about orientation of the tool or interference with protruding handles.

The Cable Comb slides easily on the cable as it is manufactured by injection molding with Zytel® nylon resin and has a naturally slick feel which provides for a low friction surface on the slots. The Zytel® nylon resists penetration of oils, greases, solvents, and alkalis and makes the Cable Comb durable and long lasting.

The Cable Comb from Acom Tools will benefit both contractors and technicians by saving time whenever the labor intensive task of organizing individual cables into professional appearing bundles is required.