Cable Comb Instructions

The 'Cable Comb'™ from Acom Tools consists of a blue inner hub and a yellow outer collar. The inner hub is designed to interlock with the outer collar to provide an assembly allowing installers to conveniently straighten, organize, and lash single cables into professional appearing cable bundles. The open slots of the inner hub and the split opening of the outer collar allow the cables to be loaded or removed from the tool at any point within the run without threading the ends of cables through closed holes.

To correctly use the 'Cable Comb'™:

  1. Arrange the cables to be bundled into kink-free runs.
  2. Hold the blue hub perpendicular to the run of the cables to be combed with the rounded finger pull of the pie-shaped protrusion (the back of the tool) opposite the direction the tool will be pulled.
  3. Load the individual cables into the various slots of the blue hub. The cable fill of each slot will depend on the type of cable being combed. Do not overload a slot with cables. Cables in each slot must remain loose after assembly of the outer collar.
  4. Once the cables are loaded in the blue hub, slip the yellow collar over the cables at the back side of the blue hub.
  5. Rotate the collar to align the pie-shaped protrusion of the hub to the opening on the collar and slide the collar onto the hub.
  6. Begin sliding the Cable Comb hub and collar assembly down the cable length. The cables emerge from the wire comb in an organized bundle.
  7. Secure and wrap the combed bundle with Velcro, tie wrap, or equivalent cable lash every 2 to 3 feet as desired to maintain bundle integrity. Continue the combing process to provide bundle lengths as required for the installation.
  8. If necessary, disengage the yellow collar from blue hub to unload individual cables which need to be removed from the bundle for termination, or, to remove groups of cables for sub bundles. Slip the yellow collar back onto the blue hub to continue combing.
  9. To remove the Cable Comb, disengage the yellow collar and remove it from the group of cables being bundled and unload remaining cables from the blue hub. The Cable Comb may also be slid completely off the end of the remaining cables to remove the tool as mated assembly.
  10. Keep the inner blue hub mated with the yellow outer collar during storage to protect the slots and face of the tool from potential damage.